Alien Flux

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Evil aliens from the 5th dimension are attacking the Fluffies! Their mysterious aim is to mutate the Fluffies into malevolent Lime Jelly. Only you can save them armed with a robot spaceship and a big laser cannon! Fast action, original arcade shoot-em-up for those in need of a quick blast and stress relief. Now with directional thrust controls, customisable ship acceleration and deceleration, and optional automatic smartbombs and shield controls for "hands free" relaxing playing, anyone can play Alien Flux and have FUN! The full version of the game includes: * 99 levels of intensely fun arcade blasting * Fiendish bosses to break up the action and give you a challenge * New aliens with their own wacky and zany personalities * Extra powerups to enhance your ship * Online hiscores - be the best in the world! * Extreme Difficulty mode for hardcore players

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Tags: arcade, action, shoot, fluffies, aliens, bubbles, lasers, defender, asteroids, original, game, blasting

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