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MFC extension library that allows you to incorporate an advanced edit control into any MFC-based application.The Editor library implements the number of features not found in standard edit controls. This set of features includes: - Syntax highlighting - for creation of a syntax file (in XML format) to support any programming language. Also, a set of virtual functions offered. You can override these functions and incorporate into edit control any logic you want. - Support for collapsible nodes (outlining) The out of the box outline parser recognizes C++ files and can be customized either programmatically or using an external XML file. - Color Blocks You can define various color blocks and implement single-line and multi-line comments. - IntelliSense advanced support. Based on this support you can create editors like editors found in Microsoft VC++ or Visual Basic IDE. - Markers. Built-in support for bookmarks and breakpoints, creation various types of custom markers, single line and multi-line static and dynamic color blocks. Symbol support. You can easily create chat clients with built-in images like smiles. Drag/Drop support Undo/redo support Easy integration with MFC document-view architecture. In addition, BCGPEdit provides a built-in support for all standard features such as keyboard/mouse selection, Copy/Paste and Print. The Editor Library is suitable for large number of applications - from simple chat clients to complicated development tools.

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