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Filmshelf is a comprehensive solution to record, organize and interact with all your home movie collections. Organize your DVDs, Videos, Home Movies, and any other kind of media storage that you use to store your movies. Filmshelf 1.1 expands on the core features for recording and interrogation. Catalog movies quickly through web pages of your choice, using the fast special paste functionality. Create and manage multiple libraries at the same time. Use Filmshelf on Windows, Mac, Linux or all three. Extremely powerful database search queries. Simple tree navigation of movie records. New template generated web presentation of movies. Dynamically re-index your movies at any time. Print movie lists matching your criteria. Switch between a large set of predefined views. Change the Filmshelf look and feel. Simple maintenance of static data. Scene indexing, ideal for home movie directors. Libraries swap able across multiple operating systems. Free upgrades on all future versions.

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