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024h Lucky Reminder is award-winning reminder software for home and office. It is easy to create an event an get it fired at specified time. Stop missing important events in your life! Convenient and comprehensive scheduling with a lot of options such as recurrent events (daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, custom time interval), sound alarms, etc. Lucky Reminder key features: - Create and edit events; - Schedule time and day for event to run; - Create one-time and recurrent (daily, weekly, monthly, custom time interval) events; - Set accompanying sounds and comments to event; - Convenient interface and customizable view of main window; - Create, save and load event lists; - Load at startup option; - Postpone firing event to run later; - Test event at the time of creation; - Run external program - Open URL - Shut down computer - Send message on network (either one computer or whole domain) You may use 024h Lucky Reminder for the following: - Create one-time events if you have to do something once (important call, meeting, date, etc.); - Create daily events if you have regular daily activity (check news, fill daily report, etc.) - Create weekly events if you have regular weekly activity (weekly report, meeting, etc.); - Create monthly events if you have regular monthly activity (monthly report, payment processing, etc.); - Create custom repeating events if you have any regular activity (have rest every 1.5 hour, check progress every 2.5 hours, etc.); - Create events to remind birthdays and holidays. keywords: daily reminder tool free remind software weekly alert utility event organizer program download planner application desktop notify shareware date time notification freeware

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