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Powerful web based file manager for IIS web servers. It has two excellent color themes and intelligent interface. Main features: CUT, COPY, DELETE, PASTE, RENAME, EDIT and Advanced: DISK QUOTA, ZIP/UNZIP, UNDO, VIEW, DOWNLOAD, UPLOAD with progress bar (Include XUpload client-side upload control), SEARCH, limitation of the maximum size of uploading files and prohibit the uploading of files with particular intensions, for instance, mp3, Viewing and setting of attributes, Very short HTML code (JavaScript shows all the information on the client's side), which makes HTTP Commander fit for dialup connections and slow servers, You can quickly select the files and directories you need with the mouse and CTRL and SHIFT keys, and much more. Our developer can customize it for you or add extra features. Version for Active Directory include:secure NTLM authentication and automatically authorize users based on their security group membership, intelligent web interface, allows users remotely access their personal or common folders.

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