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If you want to enable your Application for Email Sending, without the need of any configuration at all then PBEmail is right solution for you. PBEmail 2.0 is an ActiveX Control and ActiveX DLL to enable programmers to send Emails from the Application without the need of an SMTP Server. You can enable your Application to send Emails without any configuration from the user in a couple minutes, and it is really easy to use. Because PBEmail is SMTP capable, the messages is delivered to the recipient directly and without the need of an Intermediate Server, and that assures that the Messages gets to the destiny without a delay. Messages can contain Attachments, Related Content, HTML, Text Format custom Headers, and much more. PBEmail also supports Sending emails to normal SMTP Servers, using Authorization methods like CRAM-MD5, PLAIN and LOGIN, so you can send Emails to protected SMTP Servers. Download It and Try it for yourself.

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