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Create PDFs via the PDFtypewriter Printer Driver from any program. PDFs created are of the highest quality, distilled directly from Postscript. Options include encryption, tagging, compression, and font embedding. PDFtypewriter allows users to use a friendly interface to open PDF files, edit them, save their progress, print them and export them as PDFs for redistribution. It is perfect for typing on PDF files in order to fill out forms such as legal forms, accounting forms, college, loan, and other applications. The possibilities are endless with PDFtypewriter. Default tools include insert text, whiteout, insert image (or digital signatures which have been converted to images), various drawing tools, check mark tools, print preview, export as image, export as PDF and various other conversion tools. Conversion tools can convert PDF files to tiff, ps, dcx, bmp, png, jpeg, html, text, and many other formats. Convert PDF files to Microsoft Word Documents (DOC files). PDF to DOC creates fully formatted DOC files that look like orignal PDF. You can open PDFs from within Microsoft Internet Explorer and eliminate the hassle of downloading, saving, and then opening PDF forms that you are viewing online. Stop using a typewriter to fill out PDF forms and switch to PDFtypewriter. Exporting as a PDF produces PDFs that are as high of quality as the originals allowing you to make additions to PDFs without sacrificing quality. PDFtypewriter also allows you to open and edit encrypted PDFs as well as encrypt those PDFs which you export. You can also add form fields and hyperlinks to our PDFs allowing you to create PDF for distribution that your customers can really use. With form fields, they can fill in their information right in Adobe Acrobat Reader and print it out. With hyperlinks, you can easily reference the internet. Fully supported by quality tech support at a cost of about a tenth that of Adobe Acrobat. Start saving time and money, download a free trial today.

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