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Personal Stock Monitor Gold is a live stock ticker tape, multi-currency portfolio manager and advanced research assistant for individual investors. It combines delayed, real-time and streaming charts, quotes and news from around the world with an active portfolio manager. Personal Stock Monitor Gold supports delayed, real-time and streaming data sources covering major markets worldwide. It includes: a complete portfolio manager that dynamically recalculates the value of your holdings in any currency you specify; a scrolling ticker tape that conveniently displays stock quotes and news on your desktop; an active alert system that signals you to exactly the information you want; integrated news, research and charts from around the web; quick right-click Jump Points to popular stock discussion boards from any ticker symbol; a multi-currency transaction register; intraday, end of day and asset allocation charts; a world currency table relative to any currency you specify; capital gains, asset allocation and transaction reports; data exchange with Quicken(tm), Microsoft Money(tm) and Metastock(tm); drag and drop of live updating tickers into Microsoft Excel(tm); user-defined asset classes; drag and drop Internet bookmarks; and a plug-in software development kit for third-party add-ons. New in the latest release: Investors can now drag and drop live tickers from Personal Stock Monitor into their own Microsoft Excel(tm) spreadsheets. These spreadsheets will automatically update when Personal Stock Monitor updates. Other DDE-aware applications such as Corel Quattro Pro(tm) are also supported. A new currency table can display a foreign exchange (FOREX) rate table relative to any world currency.The new currency converter pop-up enables investors to quickly convert an amount between any two currencies. New quote sources added in the latest release cover markets in Canada, Europe, India, and South America.

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