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PostMaster™ Enterprise is perfect for you if … ->You are a growth driven organisation and you prefer to invest in systems that are scalable to your exponential growth requirements. ->You have clear deliverables in the form of use of efficient systems and tools for business processes. ->You recognize the dangers of unrestricted e-mail and Internet usage; you have an Internet usage policy and need systems to enforce the policy. ->You have a hierarchy driven organization where structures need to be translated into the e-mail system. FEATURES & BENEFITS:- 1) Administration benefits: Browser-based Interface, Platform Independence, SMTP Gateway, PM to PM Delivery Notification, Log Rollover 2) Domain Integrity: Multiple Domain Support, Domain Level Signatures, Domain-based License 3) Assured Mail Delivery–Incoming: Multiple POP Accounts, Configurable TimeOuts 4) Assured Mail Delivery - Outgoing: Authenticated SMTP Support, Secondary SMTP Host, Direct Delivery 5) Assured Mail Delivery - Internal: Instant Local Mail 6) Bandwidth Management: Individual POP3 Size Filter, Time Restrictions For Size Filter, Download Small Mails First, Mail Transfer Scheduler 7) Data Management: Archiving, Data Back-ups 8) Account Managment: User Priority, Mailbox quota, Mail Size Restriction, Mail Access Rights, User permissions, Alias Accounts 9) Security & Confidentiality: Recipient Block List, Access Control Lists 10) Empowered Users: WebMail, WebMail Preferences, WebMail Rights, Mobile Users PostMaster Enterprise also provides below plugins: AvAc - the anti-virus application that would scan all incoming, outgoing and internal mails. GatePass - the antispam solution that combines multiple antispam methodologies in a layered sequence using a spam detection engine to provide world-class spam detection results. SurfConsole - the proxy server that provides internet browsing for all employees over a single connection.

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