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ProjectDiff - Advanced project comparison and synchronization, file comparison and merging, folder comparison and synchronization utility for windows. Take control of your source code with ProjectDiff. It helps you save time and simplify work! ProjectDiff is highly useful for determining changes between project versions, and then merging changes between versions. ProjectDiff lets you track the dynamics of your projects, visualize changes in your source code, analyze differences in detail and carefully reconcile them, keep your foldfers in sync, and produce comparison reports as HTML with support for syntax highlighting. ProjectDiff has a lot of helping and supporting features making comparing, merging and synching as easy and useful as possible. Key Features: * Supports most popular projects: Microsoft Visual Studio .NET Solution/Project Misrosoft Visual C++ 6.0 Workspace/Project Microsoft Visual Basic 6.0 Project Borland Delphi Project Borland C++ Builder Project * Drag and drop files and folders support * Char-by-char comparison, highlights differences within lines * Merging differences and editing within the interface * Automatically detects changes and recompares * Build-in fully functional text editor and binary editor * Syntax highlighting support * Unicode and MBCS support * Prints and print previews comparison reports * Genrates comparison reports in HTML * And more...

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