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The program RQ Search and Replace is used to search and replace multiple text fragments in several files . The fragments (objects) are: 1. Text (multistring) bloks 2. Text strings 3. Whole words 4. "Enclosed" blocks 5. HTML tags and attributes The operations are: 1. Replace 2. Delete 3. Insert before.. 4. Insert after.. For HTML tags also: 5. Change attributes 6. Delete attributes 7. Add attributes 8. To upper/to lower case 9. Delete tag (and /or/nor text inside tag) Search and replacement patterns are stored in the string grid. You can drag-n-drop patterns from the built-in editor to the string grid. The string grid can store multiline patterns. Also additional operations available: - create Index file list in the current directory - convert text files into html (with the syntactic highlighting for sources files) - delete zero size files Other features: 1. BackUp managment 2. Folders history 3. Projects managment 4. Import in search/replace grid from text files 5. Multilanguage support

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