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Playing the game Sly Pirate you appear on the island with marvelous nature. You are surrounded by warm quiet sea, fine sand beach and bright sunlight. And in the center of this beautiful setting a pirate is sitting at a table and watches you closely with a sly look. Generally speaking he is waiting for the bets from any person who wants to play the game Sly Pirate. But it is in vain because he is living on this island alone. Several years ago the pirate was left here by his own friends, pirates. Do not let him be bored, play with him the game he suggests! The object of the game is to back trace the transportation of one of three shells where a pearl is hidden. After several manipulations of all shells the player is to point the shell with the pearl inside. You see the game is very simple but it demands attentiveness. The play is short and very absorbing! Try your fortune in Sly Pirate! Among other merits the game has the charm of uninhabited and overgrown with palms island, it strikes with bright colors, excellent graphics and lovely music.

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