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SmartWin allows you to access any operating resource such as files,folders,web sites, applications through keyboard shortcuts of up to 15 keys or a smart command prompt called by pressing Alt and <+> together and used without mouse clicks involved. For every resource you input into SmartWin you will be guided through wizards, give the resources names with spaces allowed and(or) give them keyboard shortcuts or and(or)schedule them for a time or a period. To input a resource into SmartWin drag your resource to the bottom of the desktop and drop it into a window that will appear. For batch operations such as editing the name or keyboard shortcut of the resources, scheduling, altering parameters, deleting or executing them SmartWin includes a Maintenance module with filter fields for speed. A Prospects module lists you your most executed applications and allows you to input them into SmartWin. SmartWin allows grouping of resources. See movie examples at

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