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Student Life helps you address the organizational needs you have as a college student. Student Life contains a class scheduler/information manager, a degree tracker, a homework/test tracker, a social life manager, a contact manager, a reminder manager, and a calendar function to help you keep track of everything you need as a student. The class scheduler/information manager holds your schedule, instructor and T/A information, class notes, and even study group information. The degree tracker allows you to keep track of multiple degrees, their required classes, and GPA/QPA. The homework/test tracker helps you track your homework assignments and tests and their grades earned. The social life manager organizes all your social activities, to do tasks and even your job schedule. The contact manager keeps all your contacts and allows you to categorize them for easy lookup capabilities. The reminder manager allows you to manage all the reminders set for homework, tests, social activities, and even birthdays and anniversaries.

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